is about enlisting the aid and support of others in setting direction, influencing others and managing change, in order to achieve a common goal.

The aim of the Clinical Leadership curriculum

is to enable candidates to acquire the knowledge, skills and methods needed for demanding activities in clinical management positions requiring a high level of medical-scientific knowledge combined with clinical management skills.

The Academy

The EACL Board consists of 9 members, equally represented by Academic Staff and European Medical Organisations

Application documents

To apply for EACL fellowship please click the button bellow, fill in the form from the next page and send it to secretariat@aemh-eacl.org together with the supporting documents.

Assesment fee: EUR 500


Leadership is shown through a shared sense of responsibility for the success of the medical organisation and its services.

Around the concept of excellence in health, there are great debates that point to the challenge of establishing a correct meaning for a concept in which scientific, cultural and social aspects are intricate, but always dependent on the observer who pronounces on it.

From the medical point of view, certain particularities of the management of health services that can represent obstacles to the implementation of quality programs stand out here and we refer to the broad discussion between the needs of patients treated in healthcare institutions and the economic priorities.

In this context, the definition of excellence necessarily involves technical and interpersonal aspects, referring both to the application of medical knowledge and technologies, and to the way of managing the social and psychological interaction between professionals and their patients.

“AEMH is the representation of Europe’s senior hospital doctors and aims to improve the working conditions of our members. In all our member states physicians in hospitals have realized a task shifting in hospital management from doctors to managers without a clinical background. This trend of preferring economy is not wholesome for the overall performance of hospitals. The triple aim of better care, achieving better health while lowering costs in hospitals is only possible when all professions work closely together. This means improving and demonstrating clinical (medical) leadership.” (Theo Merholz).

From an organizational point of view, it is essential to develop leadership strategies thinking analytically and conceptually, questioning and challenging the status quo, to identify problems, solve them, design and implement effective processes between systems and stakeholders, involving the entire team, supporting and challenging all elements to achieve professional and personal goals, creating engaging environments, knowing how to listen and encouraging an open exchange of information and ideas; create connections, trust and share responsibilities with individuals and groups, facilitate collaboration, cooperation and alliances between different professional classes in the perspective of learning in order to improve service. It has been proven that good coordination and communication between clinical staff, good collaboration between physicians and between physicians, nurses and other professionals is related to improved clinical outcomes.

All studies carried out in this area (e.g., United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States, Sweden) conclude that healthcare institutions managed by physicians can achieve better clinical outcomes and also better financial results.

Physicians in leading positions also bring to the system the core value of ethics and ethics must be at the center of healthcare systems: there is no medical practice without ethics.

Healthcare systems without ethics generate a spiritual void and a loss of meaning.

Objectives and fulfillment of missions only materialize when values such as discipline, truth, respect, dedication, team spirit, solidarity, perseverance, or resilience become an effective true applied ethics and doctors’ clinical leadership represents the means to apply it.