Human Resources Management

Credits: 2 | Workload: 40 h | Contact time: 20 h | Self study: 20 h | Group size: 25 Participants

Learning outcomes / Competences

The Clinical Leader:

1) defines personnel management goals and methods in a hospital.
2) explains individual areas in determining personnel requirements, recruitment, personnel release or personnel management (personnel resource management).
3) knows the procedures for recruiting personnel in the Web era.
4) acquires an overview of the possible effects of “Web 4.0 on the world of work”
5) transfers the above knowledge to areas of medical economics.
6) determines the general conditions for medical team management.
7) is responsible for interdisciplinary communication with nursing staff and commercial management.
8) is familiar with procedures for communicative crisis management in teams.

  •  Introduction to operational personnel management, including needs assessment, personnel management, teamwork, use of digital technologies in personnel recruitment.
  • Promotion of top performers and in a team (individual and collective performance), considering relevant communication and the ability to motivate continuously (empowering people).
  • Methods and application of personnel assessment systems.
  • Tools and procedures for personnel/management development, including succession planning.
  • Remuneration systems for hospital companies or in industry.
  • Critical self-awareness as a basic tool for successful leadership.
  • On-call models for working hours in healthcare.
  • Web 4.0: requirements and effects on the job market.
  • Communication models for team management.
  • Basic communicative crisis management.
Other info

Course Form: Seminars
Participation Requirements: 5 years professional practice as a CL
Exam Form: Multiple Choice
Requirements for the award of credit points: Passed test